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The curse of the corn plaster

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The curse of the corn plaster!

Have you had a very painful corn and used a corn plaster from the chemist? Has it made your toe soggy, blistering and made it worse?

What are Corn plasters? A corn plaster is a medicated plaster usually containing  Salicylic acid that softens the surrounding skin and adds moisture to the corn with an aim to remove the corn. Corn plasters state they can relieve the pain and remove the corn, but this is often not the case. The theory is that salicylic acid softens the hard skin (which is what corn is made of) allowing it to be peeled away. Unfortunately, in most cases, this claim is too good to be true!

In our experience of treating corns at Kenilworth Footcare this usually isn’t actually what actually happens because the area of salicylic acid (in the hole in the centre of the plaster) is usually much bigger than the corn itself. This means that although the corn might initially feel more comfortable, in the longer term, damage is being caused to the healthy skin around the corn. We have seen cases of severe skin breakdown to the toe and yes… most times the corn is still is there, sitting in the centre of a sea of inflammation.

It is not uncommon for corn plasters to cause an ulcer on the foot, after prolonged use.

If you ever feel as though you have a corn please contact Kenilworth Footcare for an appointment where one of our qualified and professional Podiatrists will tell firstly why you have the corn and remove the corn with a sterile scalpel, not leaving any blistering, redness or foot ulcers.

So beware of the curse of the corn plaster!

Wishing you #happyfeet

Addendum: if you are unable to get to a podiatrist here are some SAFE self-help tips:
– Use padding to offload pressure from the site of the corn. Simple felt rings (with NO medicated centre) can be purchased from pharmacies, but we can send some to you if you are unable to buy it locally.
– Change your footwear. You may find a different style of shoe adds less pressure to the site of the corn.
– Germolene has a mild anaesthetic effect. Apply some to the corn and cover with a plaster. The cream will also help soften the hard mass that makes up the corn and you may be able to scrape some of it away with just a finger nail (beware of trying to dig it out!)
– Call or email the clinic – we will advise you on the best way of managing your particular corn.